Why do different people have different voice?

Once upon a time there were two jungles. In one jungle lived birds that all sang the same song, and in another jungle each bird had a unique song. In the first jungle, Coco, the female bird decided to live. It needed a partner to raise a family. So, Coco decided to find the partner by listening to the song that the birds sing. But all the birds sang the same song. Now Coco got confused, how does she find a partner to raise a family. She got so confused that her brain short-circuited, and she died. Only if she visited the second jungle. In this second jungle Coco’s friend Nora had gone. After spending a few days there, Nora heard a song which she liked, she then met the bird who sang this song and she knew she had found the one for her. After Nora sent word around, other female birds started coming to this second jungle. And soon there were new families, new baby birds hatching in this jungle. Now, the father bird took up the responsibility to teach these young birds their unique song so that they could carry on the tradition.

In the caves nearby, lived the early man who still had not learned how to speak. Language with words still had not been discovered. But the early man had learned to make sounds, each person had started keeping birds from the second jungle and they learned from this bird how to make sounds. This was because the birds in the first jungle were all dead. Otherwise each early man would have had the same bird and would have learned to make the same sound.

When the God of sound saw this, she got amused. She made a new plan for man. She was sure that man wouldn’t be able to pet these birds for long, as the birds had their own life to live and they would fly away back to the jungle. She, therefore, made all men of different size, some small and some large, some thin and some fat. She made some men with a long nose and some with a big throat. She made some men have a small nose, and some have a small throat. Deep inside the throat she also made changes to the box that made sound, so that each person now had a different box size.
After a few years the birds flew back to a new jungle, leaving men to live on their own. But the sound god had gifted them with different voice boxes and so now each of the man and woman also had a different voice. They did not need to learn from the birds now. They all had a different voice. This made life easier for them.

As when the man came back to his cave, he would knock three times and make his own special sound. The woman and the children would instantly recognize that it was their man and they would allow him to enter. Now, if all the men had the same voice, would the woman and children recognize their man. No! They would let an unknown man enter their cave, who could take all their wools and fruits. This would starve them to death. This was the biggest advantage of each person having a different voice.

The Science behind it:
Voice is produced by the voice box that is present in the throat of each person. Every person has a different voice box. Now think of a mobile number. Imagine that different numbers are represented by the size of mouth, nose, and throat. Again, each person has a different mouth size, nose size and throat size. Together these different mouth, nose and throats create a different voice number for each person. The voice number decides how a voice would sound, which makes different people have different voices.

This story was written to answer the question of a small kid who wanted to know why do different people have different voice.