The lost Mo

Mo had never seen the world out there. His curiosity got better of him the other day and he decided to venture out on his own. Leading its way through the wilderness, it came to stop to admire the beauty around. There were such beautiful patterns being created around him by the bushes and tendrils. He had never seen anything so awe inspiring in his life. It was like all the stars of the galaxy had got connected with each other in this small jungle where Mo was born. He kept looking from side to side looking at the thick and thin tendrils, a sense of loneliness entered its mind seeing all the bushes and trees around him connected like that. He longed for a connection too. Thus, he started further on his trail to look around himself with melancholy, which made the entire place even more beautiful to his senses. The shapes of the trees varied, but nonetheless their glory preserved from one tree to another like they were breathing too, just like Mo.

Walking to a stretch and coming to a fork, Mo didn’t know where to move now. A new sensation of a need to get something to let its body feel nourished was arising inside but he couldn’t make sense of it because it had never felt hunger before. It took some time for him to make sense of hunger and its purpose. After a long thought about what to do to satiate this hunger, he thought of taking a bite out of the succulent tendrils around him. That indeed was satisfying, he felt his strength increasing. He moved on through the grasses and bushes, making a new way for himself as it moved. Suddenly, he felt the ground tremble that made him stop. He entered the nearby crevice that it could see and sat there without any movement for long. It lasted for a minute and all went to as before.

Soon, Mo was comfortable in venturing out to nearby area. Each day was a new one as he kept feeling that the paths kept changing, even though he had marked short cuts; he used to get lost each day. His daily losing his way back to his comfortable spot did not deter him from starting each morning to search a nearby path.  But the loneliness remained with him, it made him more determined to search for a mate in this wilderness. His naivety did not let him become hopeless in his search. And soon it paid off.

How extraordinary it is to feel something for the first time! Mo had not known this is what he was looking for, another being just like him. Suddenly, the ground started to tremble again. As he moved on this time without stopping, he saw not one but multiple beings just like him in a clearing. It was the best moment of his life and the worst.

Amidst the thickness of the dense bushes and tendrils there was a creature lost.

Inching towards the depths of the unknown paths that had never been tread upon.
Coming to a destiny that is ever so hard to be predicted, and still worthy to live on.
Nothing can be harder than finding a purpose in this life.
It only gets more harder when it causes the end of the hive.

The ground kept shaking, only it wasn’t the ground but this little girl who was trembling from head to foot again. These seizures had not stopped since the last week and were getting only worse. They were in the hospital now; the little girl being treated for a case of taeniasis and her parents surrounding her with looks of utter shock and concern on their faces for what and how this happened to their child.