Part I: What if a whole generation decides to not to conceive?

Those of you who have read Dan Brown's Inferno would be familiar with Bertrand Zobrist's ingenuity in fighting the epidemic of rising global population. How appalling is it to make half of the world's population sterile? Yes, it sure is but isn't that brilliant at the same time, only if you would pause for some time to think.

The fact that scientists have used this very approach to bring in check the mosquito population in Chinese city of Guangzhou shows the practical application of the technique.

Before, I  be deemed a mad scientist, I would like to put forth some of the outcomes of entering a similar scenario, but with our own free will. I have a list of reasons and solid facts to back myself up, which if given a hearing might convince if not all but just a few, and all we need are a few people only to make this change happen.

1. The rising population
The population explosion is no lie. We all are witnessing the growth in the number of our population that is happening at an exponential rate. The result is a depletion of resources, which would dwindle further for the future generations. This is making us enter a world which soon would be unfit for our very own survival and also for our children as well.
But if we do think of adopting children at a global scale the outcome would be a reduction in overall population. And wouldn't that be something?

2. Global climate change
Climate change is what most of us would shun away from thinking about, because the more we would think about it the higher are the chances that we would feel glum at what the future might hold for us. Wouldn't it therefore be better to try to reduce the population and combine efforts in the direction of first repairing the damage that we have done to our planet?
The reduced demand might help in tipping us back to balance on a path of sustainable growth.

3. Increase in infertility
No wonder, our own lifestyles have drawn us to an increase in infertility. And this my friends is a big sign that we need to pause and think about adoption rather than trying to conceive.
The outcome would be that infertility would not be a problem to tackle, anymore but instead would be a pure research pursuit in finding answers to improve reproductive health for all.

4. Ability to love another's child
The fact that humans have the capacity to care for a child that is not born out of them is another big sign that adoption would make this world a better place to live in. The result would be then lesser children with no parents in the world, and brighter smiles.

5. Nirvana
And lastly, the ones who truly believe in getting free from the cycles of life and death, this is a sure shot way. You are no longer looking for ways to be bound to the earthly ties of life. You don't have a desire to let your genes live on. What else can be then more liberating for  a soul?